Temporary Staffing

We proffer temporary staffing solution to large scale businesses that aim at employing bigger workforce for expanding their trade or would like to evaluate the performance of a new hired individual at first place before accepting him or her as their employee. You get a suitable and cost-efficient package when it comes to temporary staffing. For a fact, someone would be temporary does not conclude we would not bother to find you a highly-skilled and proficient professional for your business.

Temporary staffing incorporates:

  • Employment planning, timesheets, payrolls and complete insurance coverage for workers
  • We conduct thorough background checks for all temporary workers
  • Committed support and opportunity to bargain in case a temporary employee becomes a direct appointee
  • Comprises of W4, I9 verification and staffing


We are there to assist in conducting personal interviews and short listing the talented candidates throughout the process of temporary staffing. We collaborate with your recruitment team to enable a flawless transition process and look after the areas like counter-offer, extending the contract, wage negotiations, suitable retention and on-boarding tactics, achieved from our awareness regarding NAPS techniques.

If you are looking forward to appoint a capable employee for your company, contact us today at [email protected]