Recruitment Consulting

We will approach you and become a part of your team, at least until we help you accomplish your business goals. The latest recruitment strategies that we adhere to, will assist you in enhancing the credibility of your company.  Our search leaders will always be on their toes to provide successful guidance to your staff. Meetings will be conducted on daily basis to talk about open requests, sourcing, time to fill and closing methodologies.

Some of the additional characteristics of recruitment consulting include the following:

  • Utilization of latest software like deep web, Boolean tools for sourcing techniques
  • Advertising to applicants, what can be done to come up with a workable campaign for various positions
  • Working in partnership with employment managers to draft more precise and accurate job descriptions
  • Execution and selection of ATS system


Besides, Madexa consultants are always there to guide you to conduct meticulous searches on website, assuring appointment of some of the most talented and brilliant performers for your organization.

As far as interviewing the candidates is concerned, we are there to assist you in the process. Working with your team members, we use our knowledge regarding NAPS strategies to help you in handling the areas such as salary negotiation requests, counter-offer, retention tactics and extending the offer.

To enjoy true benefits of experienced guidance that you get from us, contact us today at [email protected]