Contingent Search

The service of contingent search offered by us serves as an affordable option to our clients. Even though the service is free of cost during the initial phases, yet we make sure to use our knowledge, expertise and wide range of network to successfully fill an open position in your firm. What is vital for you to know is that we do not charge any fees until we fulfill our responsibility effectively.

Following are a few benefits of contingent search

  • No fess is charged unless and until a recommended applicant is appointed
  • Guaranteed placement or else pro-rated refund is offered
  • Non-exclusive connection between clients and the firm


Apart from utilizing our detailed knowledge, we travel to different places around the world to make sure our search is not limited to local areas. This helps us in finding the top performers for your business that are not only capable of matching the standards of your business, but can successfully utilize their innovative ideas to bring growth to your trade. In addition to this, we team up with your internal staff to conduct personal interviews, assisting you in filtering some of the brilliant applicants. We are also there to help you to carry out a hassle-free transition process and handle issues like retention tactics, on-boarding, counter-offer, wage negotiations and extending the offer. Our knowledge associated to NAPS techniques allows us in ensuring the same.

To receive our cost-efficient and undisruptive contingent search service, contact us today at [email protected]